Eco Friendly and One of a Kind Gift Guide

Jewelry can be a super eco-friendly gift you give this year! Not every piece of jewelry or every studio is set up to make jewelry in a sustainable way with eco-friendly practices, but I'd like to let you know why Mettle by Abby is ahead of the game! I've also got a few top picks for that person on your list that doesn't want to burden the planet with mass-produced, wasteful products!

Mettle by Abby eco friendly jewelry

Let me start by saying "Hi!" I'm Abby and having an eco-friendly studio is one of my top priorities. There are many dangerous chemicals out there that jewelers can use, but I've made it my goal to have a safe and nonhazardous studio (for many reasons!) I've traded out lots of the traditional chemicals and practices used in the jewelry industry for non toxic practices. Here's a quick list:

  • Mettle by Abby is only made with recycled metals (Sterling Silver and 14k Gold)
  • I don't plate my jewelry (no thank you, cyanide!)
  • I use citric acid instead of sodium bisulfate 
  • I use regular dish soap in my ultra sonic to clean the jewelry, instead of chemical concentrates
  • I only use paper packaging to reduce plastic usage
  • Every piece is hand forged, not cast (further reducing waste and chemical usage)
  • I never use cadmium bearing solder (a chemical known to cause cancer and still frequently used)
  • I source every tool I can from a used source (reduce, reuse, recycle!)
  • No disposable gas tanks

used jewelers tools eco friendly gift

It's kind of crazy how many dangerous chemicals can be used to make jewelry, especially if it's being mass produced. You should know what you're wearing (or what you're giving to your loved ones to wear.) How something was made is important for the health of those making it, those wearing it, and the environment!

So what's a great gift for that eco-friendly... friend? You can rest assured that all my work is made with these concerns top of mind, so browse my website fearlessly!

My top pick would include a totally one of a kind, raw gemstone piece! Take that love for the earth up a notch by giving an uncut gemstone in it's natural state and celebrate the beauty of unrefined earth's treasures!

Raw Gemstone Studs

Want something a little more refined looking? How about a one of a kind piece from the Wreaths collection? This collection features pieces that can never be remade and they celebrate the unique fingerprint of a growing plant.

Mettle by Abby Ocean Current Necklace

My final top pick for your eco-friendly gift guide: recycled Roman Glass Lasso Earrings. These incredible earrings feature glass that was made about 2,000 years ago by the Romans! What an incredible conversation piece, right?!

Roman Glass Mettle by Abby Earrings

There you have it! A quick and easy way to find something wildly one of kind that respects the earth and honors safe jewelry making practices! Here's a handy little graphic, please feel free to share it!

Thank you!

Eco Friendly Gift Guide Mettle by Abby




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