1 Easy Way to Tell Someone You Love Them Every Day (without even speaking a word)

Jewelry has a remarkable ability to be a constant reminder to us. Perhaps this is why it is so frequently given as a gift or used to commemorate a milestone.

When you give someone jewelry, they remember why every time they put it on, every time someone asks about it, and every time they see themselves wearing it. All of these instances are magnified and more frequent when that piece of jewelry is a one of a kind or custom piece.

When a piece has a story to tell, people want to tell it. When someone asks you about that unusual necklace you're wearing, you get to share the beautiful story of how you received it and your mind rushes through all the emotions again!

Giving a piece of unique jewelry is an easy way to tell someone you love them every day.

natural emerald leaf necklace

This natural emerald branch and leaf necklace has a story. I won't do it justice, but if you see Kathryn wearing it, be sure to ask her. Wes had this lovely emerald for 20 years before he had it made into a piece for her. Sometimes you just have to wait for the right time. This stone has been all over the world and has waited for the day it would sit on Kathryn's neck. 

natural emerald leaf necklace start to finish

It's always such an honor to be asked to make a piece like this for someone. If you have a stone in your pocket and it's time to tell someone you love them every day with it, START HERE!


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