10 Reasons I Love Being a Woman // Happy International Women's Day

I write this in a light-hearted and celebratory energy. I saw today is International Women's Day and I just wanted to do a quick post about a few of the (appropriate) things I can share with you about why I love being a woman! 
  1. There's so more creative clothing and accessories we can get creative with!
  2. Women have a higher tolerance for pain.
  3. We are encouraged to be in touch with our emotions.
  4. I get to surprise people when they think there's a man doing the work and I am just the sales associate. I don't get offended when people assume a man changed their watch battery or moved that piece of furniture for me. Instead, I get excited to correct them and help them understand that women can do those things, too!
  5. I would MUCH rather shave my legs than my face.
  6. Skirts and dresses are WAY more comfortable than pants (so are leggings.)
  7. Car insurance is cheaper.
  8. We live longer.
  9. I can do "guy stuff" and "girl stuff" and no ones gives a hoot, not that it would change my mind.
  10. I can literally bring life into this world.

I just want to end by saying how grateful I am to all the people that have paved the way and made it possible for me to follow my dreams! I am so grateful that I can vote, own my own business, wear pants, drive, go to school, make my own decisions...

Thank you!!!


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