Swirling Clouds Necklace - Mettle by Abby

Swirling Clouds Necklace

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 Swirling Clouds Necklace // Sterling Silver and Blue Lace Agate

This necklace is all about swirling and twirling clouds! You can imagine the color of the big blue sky in the color and layers of this incredible Blue Lace Agate! You can practically feel the breeze as you watch the twisting of the hand forged halo around the gemstone. You can imagine a dancing cross wind with the curvy Tradewind Prongs that hold the gemstone in. Maybe it's about  looking up at the sky and thinking about how big the world is. Maybe it's about closing your eyes and really feeling the wind. Maybe it's just the most beautiful blue and it makes you so darn happy. The best part is that it's whatever you make of it.

I made this pendant on an 18'' chain that will hang just below most collar bones, but if you would like a 16'' 20'' 24'' or 30'' chain, just let me know in the notes at checkout!

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