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Sweet Petite Green Tourmaline Necklace

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Sweet Petite Green Tourmaline Necklace // Sterling Silver and Green Tourmaline Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain

This sweet, petite necklace is dainty and charming with an alluring one of a kind beauty. The natural inclusions in the gemstone celebrate nature's imperfect loveliness and the custom, handmade setting show the special care given to create this dainty but energetic piece. This Tourmaline has concentric hexagons within it in various shades of green.

Tourmaline is the traditional birthstone for October as well as the 5th and 8th anniversary gemstone!

The pendant is small enough to fit on a dime and has an open back to allow more light into the gemstone.

I made this pendant on an 18'' chain that will hang just below most collar bones, but if you would like a 16'' 20'' 24'' or 30'' chain, just let me know in the notes at checkout! 

Check out this Chain Length Guide to figure out the perfect size for you!

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