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Garden Garland Necklace

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Garden Garland Necklace // Striped Amazonite Wreath Mantel Necklace in Oxidized Silver, 14K Rose Gold

This is the first time I combined 2 of my favorite designs! You may have seen my delicate and intricate wreath collection with it's branches weaving and winding around and you may be familiar with a few of my mantel pieces, but now you can have a piece that is a stunning combination of both!

If you don't like when your clasp comes around to the front all the time, this is a perfect piece for you! The center piece is stationed on the chain and the clasp will stay at the back!

Do you see the Rose Gold prongs contrasting with that deep and beautiful blue-green Amazonite? It's little touches like this that set a piece of jewelry (and YOU) apart!

This necklace has a chain adjuster on the back. You can wear it at any length between 18-20'' 

The pear shaped Amazonite is about as wide as a dime at the bottom and larger than a quarter overall.