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Star Dust Necklace

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Star Dust Necklace // Sterling Silver hammered by a Diamond

This necklace doesn't need much light to sparkle like it's got dozens of diamonds set in it. Why? Abby has repeatedly smashed a diamond into the sterling silver to give it the perfect imprint of diamonds! That means that there are facets in all directions catching the light for you and throwing it back at the world in a diamond shaped splendor!

The spectacle doesn't end at the pendant though. Have you worn a chain like this before? You may think so, but you'll have to look closely if all you're seeing is the picture. There are beads stationed on the chain that shine more than you're normal, run-of-the mill bead chain. Abby had to search high and low and found only one chain like this! The really fun part happens when you wear it. As you wear this pendant, the chain rolls and the faceted beads shine like electric diamonds with your every move!

If you want a sparkle and flicker unlike anyone else, you've found it.

The traditional length star dust pendant is about 1'' long, 7mm wide (less than 1/3''), and comes on an 18'' chain. If you want a longer, more dramatic piece, check out the longer version which features a 1.5'' pendant!