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Star Dust Cuff

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Star Dust Cuff // Sterling Silver and Hammered by a Diamond

Wear a cuff of star like shimmer and see how many people stop to look and ask about your bracelet! 

It's incredible how shiny and bright a tiny little star can be in the night sky. Believe it or not, there isn't a single stone in this bracelet! The satin finished, sterling silver cuff is 7mm wide and will bend to fit your wrist and the many little "diamonds" are actually just from one single diamond that has been smashed into the silver to leave behind the perfect imprint and sparkle. This bracelet will give you diamond therapy without the worry of loosing any tiny little diamonds. And don't miss those beautifully burnished edges! This baby will be throwing light in so many elegant and yet unconventional directions that you'll find yourself star gazing... at your own wrist.

Go on. Shine.