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Saber Tooth Necklace

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Saber Tooth Necklace // Sterling Silver and Fossilized Enchodus Fish Tooth from Morocco 

This beautifully shaped Saber Tooth is from an extinct fish that once lived near Morocco any where from 33-100 MILLION YEARS AGO! When I saw the unique shape of this tooth, I was drawn to it! It's dressed up with an over-sized glittering bail that I have hammered with a Diamond to give it the impression of every little facet.

This necklace is not only a conversation piece, but it will give you a sense of history, nature, and a humbling reminder that life is fleeting. Remember to enjoy the now.

I put this pendant on an 18'' chain that will hang just below most collar bones, but if you would like a 16'' 20'' 24'' or 30'' chain, just let me know in the notes at checkout!

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