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Silver Bubbles Necklace

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Silver Bubbles Necklace // Recycled Silver Necklace in Sterling Silver

In reality, all the silver and gold I use is recycled, but on this piece I recycle it myself! (No refinery involved!) Typically, silver has be be sent off to a refinery and processed before it can be made usable to metalsmiths again, but for this piece I took the large pieces of silver I would usually send off and melted them down myself into these FUN, reticulated bubbles of sterling silver!

Each Silver Bubble necklace comes out a little different and I will gladly send you a picture of your's before I send it to you. They are sturdy, but not too heavy around your neck, and typically around 1.0-1.25'' long. They are VERY solid, which makes for a great every day, don't-have-to-worry piece! I wear mine on a 20'' chain and will ship it to you like that unless you ask for something different. You can comment at checkout and let me know if you'd like 16'', 18'', 24'', or 30''.

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