Pink Peony Drop Earrings

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Pink Peony Drop Earrings // Pink Conch Flower Earrings in Sterling Silver

I grew up in South Florida and both my parents were avid divers. One of my mom's favorite things to make (which I don't know that people are still able to harvest conchs, but back then they were plentiful) was conch fritters! I might have loved the shells the most, though. 

These amazingly, delicately detailed flowers are hand carved from conch shells! Let no part of the animal go to waste! Honor the animal by utilizing all it has to give.

The soft, happy Spring pink draws my face into a smile every time I see them!

I hand forged these sterling silver earrings out of 20g wire. 

Just slide them in your ears and breathe in that fresh Spring air!

Celebrating a 17 year anniversary? Shell is the 17th anniversary gift!