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Peridot Stacker Ring

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My favorite way to wear peridot: in oxidized silver with a touch of 14k yellow gold! Oh! And stack it up!

This set features a bright green, 4mm peridot with a 14k yellow gold hammered halo! She comes with 2 facet hammered bands that stack nicely, so you can switch up your look and play well with others, or wear by itself. I recommend changing your mind and wearing it differently every day!

I made this ring after writing my blog about peridot (check it out). I wanted to design a peridot ring that I would never want to take off, and I can honestly say that I love this ring! It brings out the green and gold, but it doesn't overpower! You can wear this set with anything!

This set will come in a size 7.5 if you don't know what size you need. If you do know what size you need, just message me at checkout!

Celebrating a 16 year anniversary? Peridot is the 16th year anniversary gift!