Peach Pop Necklace - Mettle by Abby

Peach Pop Necklace

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Peach Pop Necklace // Peach Agate Statement Necklace in Oxidized Silver

There's something soothing about the irregular shape of this Peach Agate, almost like a river rock. I would describe this piece as naturally regal due to this organic shape that is set with a black silver crown bezel.

On the back, there's 6 hammered circles, giving you a secret you can share with people, if you'd like. It's an echo to the natural circles in the gemstone.

I put this on a 16-19'' adjustable black chain because with a scoop neckline, the 16'' length is perfect, but if you have a higher neckline, you'll likely want to wear it longer. The Agate is almost 3'' across its widest part, making this an excellent statement piece!