Forgotten World Cuff Bracelet - Mettle by Abby

Forgotten World Cuff Bracelet

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Forgotten World Cuff Bracelet // Orthoceras Cuff Bracelet in Oxidized Sterling Silver with 14k Yellow Gold Barbells

Orthoceras was a mollusk that lived over 400 million years ago! And now you can wear this ancient friend on your wrist with a mysterious air and ability to strike up conversation!

I set this ancestor to the modern squid in a variety of unique prongs that securely hold him (or her! we didn't get the chance to ask). Also, since I love details that give that little extra somethin' somethin', there are 4- 14k yellow gold barbells that pack a punch!

I recommend wearing this cuff on top of a long sleeve shirt or sweater and pushing it up your arm to give it an even more unique presence, but you can totally wear it like a traditional cuff!