Sparkling Mist Chandelier Earrings

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Sparkling Mist Chandelier Earrings // Morganite Dangle Earrings with Druzy, Sterling Silver, and Rose Gold

All hand forged sterling silver and 14k rose gold for your ears! Oh! and a pair of natural Morganites (5.8 carat total weight!) and Chalcedony Druzy!!! These babies swing and catch so much sparkle! 

I think the Chalcedony Druzy is almost like a glittering galaxy! And I really love that Morganite is just a PINK EMERALD! GUSH! 

I'll be honest, you don't have to love pink to want these one of a kind earrings!

Celebrating a 12 year anniversary? Chalcedony is the 12 year anniversary gift!

Important to note: these beauties will hang from your ears in my signature ear wires that are designed to not only be easy to put on and comfortable, but also won't fall out of your ears! AND, if I haven't told you before, let me tell you now: I have a weight limit on any earrings I make. I have sensitive ears and I don't want anyone else to have to sacrifice big earrings for sensitive ears, so, here you go! These are under 5 grams each, and I've found that is the most agreeable weight limit.

So go ahead, go BIG!