Pakimer Silver Tassel Earrings

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Pakimer Silver Tassel Earrings // Handmade Sterling Silver Earrings Featuring Pakimer Gemstones

You may have heard of Herkimer Diamonds, but have you heard of Pakimer Diamonds before? Neither are actually Diamonds, but rather are Quartz. Pakimer Diamonds are much like Herkimer Diamonds, but they are directly from Pakistan and feature their own unique and bold black carbon inclusions. 

One more thing, that cool double terminated crystal shape? That is all natural and how the stones looks when they are dug from the Earth! What a celebration of natural beauty!

These earrings are light weight and playful with a 3 piece diamond cut box tassel hanging below each Pakimer. These are a blend of playful and dramatic!

These earrings feature my signature earring backs that won't fall out of your ears like other hook style earring backs! They're also super comfortable! Learn more here!