Tree Fan Earrings - Mettle by Abby

Tree Fan Earrings

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Tree Fan Earrings // Dendrite Earrings in Sterling Silver and 14k Yellow Gold

These earrings are the serendipitous result of me breaking a stone. Yup, it happens. These were part of a larger circle and it broke into 7 pieces, 2 of which were the same size and shape! These earrings are a reminder that not all accidents are bad. There is beauty to be found!

They also kind of remind me of moth wings! Kinda cool, huh? You can also switch up your look depending on which ear you put which earring in!

These happy little accidents are set in sterling silver and have a shiny little 14k yellow gold pebble at the bottom to really bring out the colors in the dendritic agate gemstone. They have a strong friction back and make the perfect dangle earring if you have ear lobes you want to cover a little or maybe your ear piercing is a little larger.

There will never be another pair like these. Celebrate the serendipitous!