Blue Elusion Earrings

Blue Elusion Earrings

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Blue Elusion Earrings // Hand-Painted Porcelain, Hand-Forged Sterling Silver, Faceted Labradorites

Did you know that blue is the rarest color in nature? As far as plants, animals, and rocks go, blue is hard to come by, but also the most prized and loved color across the globe. Apparently, even when we see blue in nature, it isn't really blue. The morpho butterfly, for instance (yes, like the butterfly emoji on your phone) isn't really blue, you're just seeing the light bounce off the scales on the butterfly's wings in a way that your eye sees blue. Yet, we are the blue planet. Our seas and our skies are blue and beautiful! Blue is calming and sweet.

I love these hand painted blue earrings! There is a tassel of 7 faceted and fiery blue flashes of Labradorite on each earring, making this light and playful!

The hand painted porcelain is about the size of a nickel and the entire earring is about 3''

This piece is part of a collaboration collection. The cabochon, or gem, is handmade and hand-painted porcelain by local artist Yesha Panchal and the jewelry was hand-forged by local artist Abby Meadows. Both totally one of a kind parts come together in a completely new piece of wearable art you won’t find anywhere else. Find out more about this collection and how it came together here!

These earrings feature my signature earring backs that won't fall out of your ears like other hook style earring backs! They're also super comfortable! Learn more here!