Blade Necklace - Mettle by Abby

Blade Necklace

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Blade Necklace // Oxidized Sterling Silver

I think men's jewelry needs to be simple, durable, striking, and comfortable. Suffice it to say, you need to be able to "Bear Grylls it," or, you know, be able to wear it in all the situations you "aren't supposed to."

The simple design, the rugged image of a worn and used blade, the blackened silver contrasted with the bright gleam of the scraped sword... all these things add up to a striking and debonair piece.

The box chain is often the go-to chain for strength, but the traditional, sharp edged box chain doesn't work with every design. I have fallen in love the comfort and strength of this rounded box chain and we know you will, too.

The roughly 1.5'' pendant can be removed if you wish to switch out pendants and on most gentlemen the 24'' chain will land around the same area of the heart, our favorite place to see a pendant such as this lay.