Black and White Wreath Earrings

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Black and White Wreath Earrings // Oxidized Silver with White Pearl Earrings, Front Facing Hoop

There is such beauty in contrast! Blackened, or oxidized, sterling silver that has been forged and worked like I've done in this piece can be so reminiscent of wrought steel or iron work. I love the contrast of so strong an element done in such a delicate  and intricate form! Add that white pearl and you've got a killer piece that REALLY stands out!

I hand fused and formed every little branch to go in a little circlet that looks like it grew there. These earrings come on my signature earring backs that won't fall out of your ears like others!

The silver circle wreaths above the gemstones are about the size of a quarter and hang a total of about 2.5'' including the earring hook.