Black and Gold Garnet Mantel Necklace - Mettle by Abby

Black and Gold Garnet Mantel Necklace

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Black and Gold Garnet Mantel Necklace // 14k Yellow Gold, Black Silver, and Rose Cut Garnet Necklace

There is an edgy, regal feel to this combination of black, gold and deep red. This piece almost seems to be very ancient and with a long history. I wanted to add a bit of bright sparkle to this dark and mysterious piece, so I hammered the 14k Yellow Gold half moon with a diamond to leave behind the impression of its facets and twinkling allure.

Garnet is the traditional birthstone of January and the 2nd anniversary gemstone, but you don't have to celebrate either of those to be able to enjoy this one of a kind necklace!

Celebrate the treasure of your heart.

The Star Dusted Yellow Gold Mantel and Rose Cut Garnet below it are about 1'' tall. I made this pendant on an 18'' chain that will hang just below most collar bones, but if you would like a 16'' 20'' 24'' or 30'' chain, just let me know in the notes at checkout! 

Check out this Chain Length Guide to figure out the perfect size for you!

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