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Iolite Sunstone and Rhodilite Garnet Pallete Ring

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Iolite and sunstone are both so full of colors and specks of shimmering light; it's hard to believe there is a gemstone with BOTH!

Here she is. And she brought two rhodilite garnet friends with her!! The full effect is amazing in person! The flecks inside this stone have a jewel tone rainbow of heavenly wonder.

The ring and setting are all custom made out of sterling silver and the crown jewel in the center is set with 14k rose gold claw prongs. The band is given a satin finish to soften the silver and really bring out the rose gold that complements the flecks of sunstone's copper inside the gem.

Size 7.75 ring, 16x11mm iolite sunstone, and 2- 3mm rhodilite garnets

There is only one. Don't miss your chance to claim her.