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Watermelon Charmer Necklace

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Watermelon Charmer Necklace // Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace in Sterling Silver and 14k Rose Gold

Watermelon is good any time of the year, but especially on the hot days!

This dainty and delicate watermelon tourmaline necklace is strong for it's size! There are multiple tourmaline beads stationed on the chain to give your whole neck a vibrant thrill! There's a 14k rose gold bead at the bottom of the pendant to really draw out the pink of the tourmaline and elevate the piece to a new level!

This necklace is 18'' long, a perfect length for most women that want to wear it just below the collar bone. The pendant is about the length of a dime's diameter. If you would like me to extend or shorten it, or even add an adjustable element to it, let me know at check out and I will happily make it happen for you!

Celebrating an 8 year anniversary? Tourmaline is the 8 year anniversary gift!