Garden Slice Hoops - Mettle by Abby

Garden Slice Hoops

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Garden Slice Hoops // Simple Chrysoprase Hoops in Sterling Silver

I've seen a lot of damaged and lost hoops in my years of working in a jewelry store. So when I decided to make some hoops for you, I knew what a good hoop needed: 

  • strength
  • comfort
  • easy to put on

I spent weeks making and test driving different styles of hoops, and this is my favorite! and it will be YOURS, TOO!

These are about 1.25'' in diameter and are the perfect medium sized hoop!

Oh! And we can't forget! These have added pizzazz! Each hoop earring features a green chrysoprase and a light, golden patina towards the bottom of the hoop!

Celebrating an 18 year anniversary? Chrysoprase is the 18 year anniversary gift?

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