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Wavy Bezel Petoskey Ring

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The answer to your big statement ring with comfort needs! This ring sits so comfortably on your finger that you'll forget it's there, except for all the compliments you'll be receiving!

Petosky stones come from fossils in Michigan, so you aren't just wearing something with a really cool history, you're wearing something that's really and truly MADE IN AMERICA!

The wavy bezel sets it apart from ordinary rings and the hammered band tapers in the back so you can still use your hands! This bezel isn't like most, it isn't a paper thin piece of silver holding your stone in. Instead, this ring is built to last and substantial! Weighing almost 16 grams! 

This ring comes in sterling silver and a size 8. As always, let me know at checkout if you have a different size need!

To keep it looking beautiful, don't bathe, swim, workout, use harsh chemicals, or sleep in it (I recommend). If you need to give a freshening up, just give it a quick buff with a silver polishing cloth!