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Labradorite Mantel Necklace

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There's just something about labradorite...

We call it "black moonstone" due to its iridescent optical effects, but it is so much more. The beautiful labradorites Abby set in these exhibit lovely flashes of blue and green that seem to live outside the stone.

The labradorite is about 8mm wide (less than 1/3'') and the "mantel," or silver hand forged bar it dangles from is just under 1.25'' wide. It is stationed on an 18'' diamond cut, blackened silver box chain and has an accompanying 14k yellow gold pebble to really bring out the color flashes in the gemstone.

As always, if you require something different (like a different chain length), do not hesitate to ask. We are grateful for the chance to make it fit you perfectly!